Angel Hair Chilli


Scoville scale: 5/10 (strong)

These chilli peppers are ready to use and truly sensational! These thin, fine, soft strands of Angel Hair are harvested in the Tianjin region in Northern China. These light strands which are cut up after being harvested have hot notes and peppery yet fruity flavours. They rate 5/10 (strong) on the Scoville scale, i.e. stronger than Espelette chilli pepper and not as hot as Rings of Fire.

Use these chilli strands in winter soups, stews, sauces, verrines, to spice up a summer salad or just to decorate your dishes

Be careful not to rub your eyes after you have touched them as the alkaloid in them could burn you.

Cooks Tip: Use these light strands of Angel Hair to decorate your dishes and enhance your salads and verrines. 

Net: 10g

Note: The image displayed is only a small fraction of the amount of Chilli strands inside the pot.